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        Hey, I'm Camille.
        My Journey Starts Here.

        I believe in keeping things simple. I am not one for tricks or trends or false promises, I simply document you, your story and what I see in the most organic and sincere way.

        I'm a french photographer and I capture my various adventures while passionately reporting travel stories since 2013. My travels celebrate an authentic and meaningful culture, surrounded only by true values that are close to my heart

        My passion for travelling and exploring the world has given me the opportunity to meet each other. I make travel reports and document what happens to me in a natural way. « Doc » is a blog that exposes my different facets, my emotions, my momentum for the imagination and this chance to meet the art of photography one day. I tell stories, big or small, that intertwine in my way « Days of Camille ». The innocence of this name represents my vanished naivety, moments that disappear as quickly as others make surfaces to give way to this illusion that is time. Find here my adventures between lifestyle, deco and travel stories. Read the blog !


        Some people use my photos and never say thank you. Sharing my photos does not pay my bills but creates a network of connections that helped me, inspired and supported. I made new and precious friendships and grew up personally. Nevertheless, it’s necessary to respect each other and ask permission before using the work and sensitivity of an artist without his knowledge (credit or not credit). That’s why copyright exists and it makes me very sad to be able to appropriate or share my work without coming to talk with me and ask if I agree or not. If you want to support my passion, you can do it here: https://www.paypal.me/daysofcamille – Thank you x

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